East Auditorium - April 2005

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East auditorium.  Taken April 8th, 2005.

On Friday April 8th, 2005, several of us got together for a tour of the old school. It was a strange experience for all of us, I think. It's conversion to an elementary school, and all the changes made to accommodate small children, made it completely unrecognizable at times. While the tour didn't do much for my memories, the good news is that the school is in great condition. The cases in the front hallway are still there. They contain photos and jerseys honoring the East High we're familiar with. On the way there, we drove by the empty field that was my Junior High School (Ashland on 24th street). I recently heard the Leeds/Dunbar buildings were also leveled, With that in mind, I'm just glad to see that East is still standing and serving a purpose. The staff was very friendly... even when I was talking too loud in the fourth floor hallway. Same as it ever was.

Ok...still with me?

So, I've got some pics to post of our tour. Check back from time to time for updates. When I run out, I'll let you know.

I want to point out that Lloyd Jackson was in the group that day, and he took some very comprehensive photos that need to be included. All good things come in time, or good time, or however that saying goes...

I'll start off with some shots of the auditorium.

East auditorium.  Taken April 8th, 2005.
This a pieced-together shot of the ceiling. It's pretty rough if you zoom in too close so... don't do that.

East auditorium seat.  Taken April 8th, 2005.
Joyce found Cindy Greer's name... twice.

East auditorium seat.  Taken April 8th, 2005.
Tammy Boyd

East auditorium seat.  Taken April 8th, 2005.
Carol Davis (class of 1982)

East auditorium stage.  Taken April 8th, 2005.
I don't remember the stage looking this good in the 80's. That's the biggest thing I noticed while walking around. The school is in really good shape.

East auditorium seats.  Taken April 8th, 2005.
Random shot of the seats. Notice the low-pile carpet.

East auditorium seats.  Taken April 8th, 2005.
Final shot of the auditorium.

Coming next: hallways and boys gym. But first a poll.

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